Travel Info & Packing - Angelito Galápagos
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Travel Info & Packing

Getting your suitcase ready for the Galapagos is an exciting moment! For many, it is a moment that the vacation becomes real! Packing for a cruise requires little extra foresight because you will not have access to stores or pharmacies. But do not worry, here essentials and suggestions:



  1. You need your original passport that must be valid six months after the arrival date in Ecuador. We recommend having good scanned copies of your travel documents stored in your email or cloud. Do not forget to have the documents and contact numbers of your travel insurance, so as the emergency numbers of your credit cards, bank account, and others.
  2. You need 100 US$ in cash to pay the Galapagos national park entrance fee when arriving in Galapagos.
  3. Pack light and try only to bring the essentials. The airlines operating Galapagos allow one checked luggage of 20-23 kg (44 lbs) plus one cabin luggage of max. 8 kg (17.6 lbs.).There is enough space to store the suitcase in the cabin or the storage room of the Angelito.
  4. To help care for the ecosystem, please try to bring biodegradable products for personal care and sun protection, so as refill-bottles that, after the tour, you can take home again. We provide bio soap, shampoo, and conditioner in the bathrooms while on board.
  5. Do not forget electrical adapters for charging your camera, phone, and other electronics. Ecuador, Galapagos, and the Angelito use American plugs with 110V.


The Galapagos are an expedition destination, and during the most part of the day, you will be exploring the islands. You need light and practical clothes.
The Angelito does not have a sort of dress code, please feel free to dress casual and comfortable. When serving the meals, for all it is more pleasant if the swimming clothes are drying in the sun during this time.

Shorts or lightweight pants and t-shirts are great for walking around the islands. Onboard, comfortable clothing is the best! Women might enjoy romper or sundress. It is smart to also pack a fleece or a jacket for windy days or the nighttime, when enjoying the night-sky on the upper deck (and for the flight!), so as a lightweight rain jacket. Bring a t-shirt as larger sun protection while snorkeling.

Underwear and good socks. Pack enough, there is no laundry service.

You definitively need one, better two swimsuits!


The cruise with the Yacht Angelito includes a variety of terrains, with sand, gravel, and volcanic rock, as well as wet and dry landings. The trails are well-established but natural and they can also be uneven.

A dry landing means you will move from the Yacht to the dinghy and onto the island while staying completely dry. When wet landing, you will get your feet and lower parts of your legs wet while exiting the dinghy onto the island. For this reason, we highly recommend trekking style sandals such as Keen, Marrel, Teva, or similar that can go between wet and dry terrains easily. There are some excursions on which you will need the better support of tennis shoes/sneakers, but we strongly recommend that you bring older or used ones as they could suffer damage from saltwater, sand, and volcanic rock. 

While being on board the Yacht Angelito, you may choose to go barefoot or opt for flip flops or slippers. You will leave your shoes used on the islands in cubbies at the entrance to the Yacht to help keep the space clean for everyone. We do NOT allow walking in socks on the boat as there is an increased risk of slipping.


You are going to need it! The Galapagos Islands are on the equator, where the sun is much more intense than you are used. You can get burnt before you even realize it. We advise that you bring a variety of different sun protection techniques, including wide-brimmed or long-billed hats, right sunglasses, and waterproof, high SPF sunscreen (50, 70, and 100 SPF are great options). You will probably want to apply sunscreen at least twice a day, so be sure to bring enough to last the duration of your cruise. Do not forget to use it to the back of your neck, ears, arms, the tops of your feet, and the lips! You will also want a long sleeve shirt or blouses to protect against the intense equatorial sun on land and while snorkeling. And finally, don’t forget to bring some after sun to calm the skin or for sunburns.

Many of the modern sunscreens have new ingredients, that cause indissoluble spots on towels, floors, and bedding. We kindly ask to use them with the needed precaution to avoid damages. Thank you!


The aquatic activities are optional. Snorkeling in the Galapagos is unique! If you feel more comfortable with your snorkeling equipment, bring it with you, but onboard of the Angelito, we provide quality masks, snorkels, and fins and the gear at no cost, as well as towels.

Depending on the season, the water may be amazingly comfortable or quite cold, which is why we rent wetsuits on board for 5 US$ the use or 25 US$ the week. Our wetsuits are short, 5mm, and we have enough sizes and unities available.


You will encounter some of the best photography opportunities in the world, right here in Galápagos! Even if photography is not the main attraction for you, you will probably find yourself taking one picture right after the other and the other, and more. Bring your camera, and do not forget extra memory cards and batteries, the charger, charging cables, and power converter if needed, and an excellent dry bag to protect from water or rain. Underwater cameras are a cool way to capture the magical landscapes underwater.

There is no cell phone service for most of the cruise, so please note that you likely will not be able to backup or upload your photos to an online or cloud server.

If you have, do not forget to put your binoculars in the luggage.


The official currency in Ecuador and the Galapagos is the US Dollar. You need 100 US$ in cash to pay the National Park entrance fee upon arrival in Baltra, and additional cash optional expenses onboard the Angelito, like soda and alcoholic drinks, wetsuit rental, as well as for tips for the crew and guide. Many of the souvenir shops in Puerto Ayora and at the airport accept credit cards, but mostly only if the expense is more than 10 US$ or 20 US$. You will find a small safety box in your cabin where you can store your cash. Remember, you must notify your bank that you will be traveling internationally.


Always travel with enough of your prescript medicines, and we strongly recommended having in your cabin luggage. Bring your standard first aid travel kit with Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment, pain relievers, and diarrhea medication, constipation medication, insect repellant, etc. Other medicines you should consider are for seasickness, aloe-vera gel, or another special cream in case of sunburn, and any other medication you use to take or that your doctor recommends.

Consider that you will be on a boat trip in very isolated islands 1000 km from the continent. If you suffer from any medical, physical, or other condition that might impact your own and/or the travel experience of the group, please consult with your doctor. And, please, declare it conscientiously when filling the booking form.

None of our tours includes any kind of personal travel insurance.


We supply biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, as well as hair dryers. However, you do still need to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, hairbrush, and others, preferably without any packaging or single-use plastics (like grocery bags). You do not need to bring a bath or beach towel into your suitcase because we will be providing those for you!


Be sure to pack electrical adapters, cables for your phone, laptop, and camera charging, etc., as well as extra batteries and high capacity memory cards.

We have a good library on board with books about the islands and their flora and fauna, but you will not miss your book or Kindle if you love reading.

Many people like to write about their experiences while traveling, so it is nice to bring along a journal and pens to jot things down while they are fresh in your memory.

If you want, some sweets or a small souvenir from your home for the crew deepened friendships and leaves traces (the only ones you should leave in the Galapagos!)

Finally, you will want to bring a small daypack (preferably a dry pack) to carry your water bottle, camera, binoculars, during the daily excursions.


The Yacht Angelito will provide each passenger with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels for the bathroom, and the beach, and hair dryers.
Keeping hydrated is a must in the Galapagos! We provide a reusable water bottle, and fresh drinking water filtered right on the boat for endless free water refills at the water station.

You will also e provided three chef-prepared meals daily plus two snacks every day. You will eat a variety of meats, seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, and fresh, homemade fruit juices. Have a dietary restriction or food allergy? No worries! Just let us know when you book your tour (or as soon as possible after that to make sure that we have what you need onboard).


Before heading off for your Galapagos cruise on the Yacht Angelito, make sure you stay up to date with all our notifications, announcements, and awesome trip photos! Follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (because what better way is there to get REALLY excited about your trip than seeing all the amazing travel photos we post?!), then subscribe to our email list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We are looking forward to having you soon as our guests onboard the Yacht Angelito!

Hasta luego! We will see you soon!

Download the printable packing list