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The State of Post COVID-19 Travel in Galápagos

The State of Post COVID-19 Travel in Galápagos

Post COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Dear Passengers & Friends,

We’d like to address your questions about post COVID-19 travel in Galápagos. Recent world-wide reports came out about how Ecuador has suffered one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in Latin America. These reports have focused heavily on the city of Guayaquil, the hardest hit region in Ecuador. At the height of the outbreak, hospitals, sanitary authorities, and the local government were overwhelmed.

COVID-19 Case Updates in Ecuador

In the face of hard times, Ecuadorians have come together in an incredible and inspiring way. They hace tirelessly maintained social distancing and isolation protocols. With these efforts, Ecuador is proudly coming out the other side of this outbreak. The numbers of new cases in Ecuador are no longer rising sharply, and the curve of contagion has been almost completely flattened across the country. While the COVID-19 outbreak is still active in Ecuador along with the majority of the world, it does appear to be under control here at this time. 

There are several notable factors at work that have brought Ecuador back to its previous levels of health and safety. First, strict isolation measures were put into place to curb the spread of the virus. Second, testing availability has increased significantly. The government invested quickly to expand hospital capacity throughout the country. Because of these actions, the Ecuadorian government has decided to ease restrictions on mobility beginning in the month of May. 

Post COVID-19 Travel in Galápagos

It is clear that Ecuador has been through a great deal, and the impact of this crisis will be felt in some small ways for years to come. But the resilience of the Ecuadorian and Galapageño people is shining through now more than ever. The country has returned to stability and will resume non-essential economic activities throughout May and June. 

“Normal” has been redefined as the country is moving towards open daily activities. That’s true here in Galápagos, just as it is abroad. New health, safety, and sanitation protocols have been put into place and are strictly maintained. Yacht Angelito Galápagos and Cometa Travel are taking precautions to the strictest guidelines. We will soon be sharing the steps we’re taking to prepare for the return of travelers. We will also be sharing our health and safety “playbook” for all future tours. 

Enjoy Secluded Destinations

Yacht Angelito tours are different from your typical cruise: the Angelito holds at maximum 16 passengers with seven crew members and one guide. These small groups are easy to maintain in the Galápagos islands. Small tour group can visit the islands and animals without any contact with other groups of humans. Taking a cruise on a small yacht in the Galápagos Islands is the ideal way to travel. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime, while remaining in a safe and secluded environment! 

What Happens Next

Keep your eye out for our update on the Yacht Angelito Galápagos’ post COVID-19 sanitary and safety practices. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at, or on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to stay up to date on all the amazing things happening in Galápagos and on the Yacht, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Until next time, 

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