Our Cruises - Angelito Galápagos
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Our Cruises

The Angelito Galapagos Experience


The Yacht Angelito has a great 2-weeks-route: one of the weeks, from Sunday to Sunday, tours with ITINERARY A, including highlights like Genovesa, Bartholome, and Española. 

The ITINERARY A is possible for 8, but also for 5, and 4 days cruises. 

The following week, also from Sunday to Sunday, with ITINERARY B, offers highlights such as Isabela, Fernandina, and Floreana.

The regular ITINERARY B is of 8 days, but it also is possible to shorten it to 6 days ending on Friday instead of Sunday.

Additionally, our exclusive combinations for 11, 12, and 15 days are possible without any repetition of visiting points!


The ITINERARY A runs for 8 days/7 nights and includes highlights like Bartolome, Genovesa, and Española, with an incredible variety of landscapes and animals. If you want to see the albatross of the Galapagos, this is the itinerary to do.
It is also possible for shorter cruises of 5 days/4 nights from Sunday to Thursday or 4 days/3 nights from Thursday to Sunday.


The ITINERARY B is available for 8 days/7 nights. This cruise visits Isabella's west side, with highlights such as Fernandina, Tagus Cove and Elizabeth Bay, and Floreana.
The sceneries are unique, with young lava fields and beautiful lagoons, and only here can you see the flightless cormorant. But also penguins, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, and sea lions, and others are to enjoy. And, for snorkelers, the Devil's Crown is an additional attractive!


Are you looking out for exclusive longer alternatives to the traditional cruise of 8 days? You're in the right place!
We offer cruises for 11, 12, or 15 days, without the repetition of any of the visit points!
So the following combinations of 11, 12, and 15 days are possible:
1.- ITINERARY A11: 4 days from Thursday to Sunday with A4 + 8 days from Sunday to Sunday with B = 11 days/10 nights
2.- ITINERARY B12: 8 days B + 5 days A5 from Sunday to Thursday of ITINERARY A = = 12 days/11 nights:
3.- ITINERARY A15 or B15 with a combination of the ITINERARIES A+B or B+A

The itineraries and any single activity are strictly approved and controlled by the Galapagos National Park. Of course, we agree with these regulations and respect them. For us, it’s essential to be actives and responsible for maintaining the best balance between conservation and tourism. So, it’s understandable why we can’t offer changes or other activities as those approved for our operation.


Our itineraries offer routes through the Islands that are varied and captivating.

The Angelito was one of the first boats doing two weeks when the westside of Isabela was almost unknown! Oh yes, we were real pioneers decades ago, with the then small boat and intrepid and adventurous tourists!

Our great itinerary has proved itself: It is not only one of the most harmonious round trips in the market, offering a maximum of the Galapagos, but also with the shortest possible navigation distances. Having more time on the islands or relaxing in the quietness of this paradise in the middle of the Pacific is undoubtedly a precious luxury of a Galapagos cruise!

Every day of our cruises includes excursions: one in the morning and, after lunch on board, the second to a different beautiful visit point.

When programmed, the outings complete with a snorkeling activity after the hike. The visits always are led by the Naturalist Guide of the Yacht Angelito, walking along the hiking paths, over lava fields, along beaches, and surrounded by the unique sceneries and wildlife of each island.

Most of the hikes are easy; nevertheless, a certain level of fitness is favorable. 

You will have enough time to observe and enjoy, write notes, draw or paint, and take lots and lots (and more) of pictures.


Every day, we do the first excursion in the morning. After lunch on board and eventually short navigation, we visit another place.
All the visits are always led by the Naturalist Guide, following the trails of the National Park Galapagos. Most of the paths are smooth, well-established, but natural, and include a variety of terrain with sand, gravel, or volcanic rock, so a certain level of condition is required. We make many stops to observe animals, plants, and unique sceneries and have enough time to write notes, and take lots and lots (and more) pictures.


Galapagos is the perfect place for photography. We have enough time to take pictures, and we always take a lot and a lot (and surely more)!
You eventually wouldn' miss a GoPro for underwater videos.

And what about drawing or painting? The sceneries are ravishing, the sky beautiful, the beaches unique; you surely will find enough motives to fill your sketchbook.


During the cruise, the Angelito is our home. We overnight and have all our meals onboard. Let the sound of the sea and birds wake you up! After the navigation of the night, every day surprises a new place, with different sceneries and geological conditions.

The longer navigations are mostly in the night. However, for the shorter ones after lunch, the Angelito offers an ample sun and shadow deck to allow a pleasant and comfortable time. Enjoy the siesta time and relax, but never forget to look out to the sea, because you suddenly may spot dolphins swimming with the boat or a sea turtle or, with a little more luck, whales blowing air out.

After dinner, go to the upper deck of the Angelito to admire the stars and maybe the moon, bright and clear in the darkness, and surrounded by nothing.

Also, have a look at our library with a good selection of books about flora, fauna, and history of Galapagos.


Specific visiting points also permit us to get to know the Galapagos' underwater world as well. We have quality snorkeling equipment available, included in the Angelito's cruise rates. If you need a wetsuit, you can rent it on board.
If you have never tried snorkeling before, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go! To ensure safety, we always have a lifebuoy and a zodiac close to us.
If you won't snorkel, this is not a problem! You can go with the adventurous to enjoy the transparent water world from the comfort of the zodiac or enjoy the free time on the sundeck.
The Angelito is a cruise operation, so we do not offer diving.


Stay comfortably in our zodiac-boats to go from the yacht to the land, but also to enjoy the programmed rides to look out for all the animals that live or rest on the shorelines.
Also, ones per week, we go into a mangrove cove to discover the quiet, nearly noiseless, and particular ecosystem where marine turtles, rays, Galapagos sharks, and birds live in these distinctive ecosystems. These excursions with quiet observation are unique and extraordinarily touching!


Nearly not to believe, but there is no best time to visit the Galapagos! There is always something interesting and special to see, and that Flora and Fauna is year-round visible for the Galapagos visitors. One of the exceptions is the Waved Albatrosses on Española: if you expect to see them, you have to come between end of April and end of December (but maybe you will miss something else…)


The Archipelago Galapagos is marked by two main seasons, so the activities of the wildlife and the nature are slightly different: