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About Us

The History of the Angelito brothers
and their evolution

ANGELITO was the nickname of the grandfather Angel, who 1960 helped his two grandsons Leonardo and Hugo Andrade to build their first fishing boat. This boat enabled the Galapagos born brothers to earn a living and support their families.

As pioneers in the Galapagos, they gave fishing up and converted their boat to be able to receive visitors, to show them their Islands with a deep inside knowledge of this unique place. And, by leaving the fishing, they took the important first step to actively promote the protection and the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.

After more than a decade of working in tourism with that small Angelito, the brothers took advantage of their great experience to build a new yacht, the ANGELITO I., launched in 1992.

But evolution goes on, and in 2013 the ANGELITO I. was totally refurbished: the high quality of craftsmanship was maintained, while the amount of space and the comfort level was notably increased! The eight double cabins are now all on the main deck, with large picture windows, private bathrooms, individual air conditioning and the option to have twin beds or a double bed accommodation. With two new engines, two new generators, all new electric and electronic installations and a conscientious maintenance, also the safety, which is our first priority, is guaranteed.


Technical specifications:

  • Category: Custom Motor Yacht “Tourist Superior”
  • Construction: Mixed wooden hull and fiber
  • Year: built in 1992 and totally refurbished in 2013
  • Capacity: 16 passengers / 8 double cabins
  • Crew: 7 Crew members + 1 naturalist Guide
  • Length: 22,3m / 70ft
  • Beam: 6,6m / 22ft
  • Engines: 2 new (2013) Cummins (Marine Diesel) 405 HP each and 2100 RPM
  • Generators: 2 new (2013) Cummins          CPG (Diesel) capacity 65 KW 60 HZ each
  • PureVent Fuel CLEANER: a radical new approach to protect the environment
  • Electricity: 110 Volts in cabins and bathrooms and 220 Volt socket in social area
  • Water: desalinization system capacity of 65 gal/hour

Navigation and Safety equipment:

2 GPS, Magnetic Compass, radar with range of 36 miles, echo-sounders

  • HUNTER: Satellite GPS Monitoring, with digital maps

Camera security control of all strategic points of the boat (p.ex. engine room)

  • Safety Classification: SOLAS 74 (Safety of life at Sea) ISM and ISPS – MARPOL. Fire and smoke detectors in all cabins and all other areas of the Yacht.
  • Life Jackets: life jackets SOLAS. 2 life Rafts
  • 2 Zodiacs: 10 passenger each /ecological Yamaha motors 25 hp each with propeller protector

Facilities on board:

  • Air conditioning in all cabins and social areas with individual regulation and with compressors    that have the newest technology with a certification for using in protected areas.
  • 8 double cabins, in main deck, with large picture windows, private bathroom, safety box, and hair dryer in each bathroom.
  • Water, tea and coffee included in cruise price.
  • Snorkeling equipment: mask, tube and fins with size 34 – 45 included in cruise price.
  • Shorty wet suits in all sizes to rent on board.
  • Library with a good selection of books about the flora, fauna and history of the Galapagos.


We are a big and mostly invisible machinery that fits together because each one of us fulfills its role and collaborates for the best possible results to make your Galapagos vacations unforgettable: being this because you’re coming to the place you always dreamed about, or during a voyage in South America, or to spend time with your family, at one of the most unique places of the world.

This all starts with Hugo and Leonardo Andrade, the Galapagos born and raised brothers and owners of the Yacht Angelito: they personally oversee every single detail on board and on land making sure that you feel comfortable, safe and happy on board.

Then our Quito based office, where everything is organized, from the marketing to the booking processes, and everything in between until you arrive to the Baltra Airport in Galapagos, where our guide will welcome you to start the great Angelito Experience.

On board we have eight crew members: the captain, the first mate, the machinist, two sailors, the cook and the auxiliary cook , all working 24/7 for our passengers. Most of our crew are locals from the Galapagos!

The eight crew member is the guide who shares its great practice and knowledge with you during the land visits. We have two guides working with us, both are part of what the Angelito Experience is! Our guides really value the importance of having enough time to see, discover and feel each visit.

Surely one of the most complex parts of our cruises, is the logistical one: the Angelito’s office team on Santa Cruz Island takes care of all and any detail to fulfill all the visible and invisible requirements to make each cruise safe and successful. They are responsible that nothing is forgotten, from the food supply (important of course!), to have a complete crew, fresh blankets and towels, fuel, material for daily maintenance, communication and a hundred details more (that you don’t have to worry about, we are pleased to do it for you!)


Responsible Marketing and Fair Trade:

Throughout all of our operation, we believe and practice fair trade as far as we can, from start to end, as well as always keeping a high standard of honesty and ethics. We are not just a business offering a product, we truly believe, we truly show and we truly sell what the Angelito is, what the Angelito can offer, and we are honest in where our limitations are.

Local Development:

As a local business based on Santa Cruz Island, founded and operated by two Galapagos born and raised brothers, we try to make sure that most of the benefits remain locally or may create a positive local impact, because by supporting our providers, new entrepreneurships, and local alternatives, we encourage the empowerment of local identity, well-being and vision.

The Environment:

Not only because we are constantly inspected by the National Park entity, but our commitment is to achieve the environmental management standards they demand, because we believe it’s the right thing we all should do! We also are regularly inspected by the Galapagos Navy authorities, as well as occupational inspections, social security inspections, and a lot more….We are proud to always surpass the expectations, because it’s our essence to take all this things very seriously.

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