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YACHT ANGELITO FEEL THE GALAPAGOS WITH US YACHT ANGELITO FEEL THE GALAPAGOS WITH US Explore, Discover and Enjoy the wildlife and landscapes of this paradise Explore, Discover and Enjoy the wildlife and landscapes of this paradise The Owners and Direct Operator The Owners and Direct Operator GET IN TOUCH WITH US GET IN TOUCH WITH US

Yacht Angelito’s Luxuries

Our luxuries are about having time to discover and feel the Galapagos, about quality and best experiences, about commitment with the employees and the local commerce, about taking care of the islands. We like to call these “more-Galapagos-real”-luxuries!

We offer the undoubted charm of our Angelito and the best experiences in nature! Our experienced guides show our exceptional itineraries without rush but with enough time and knowledge and passion. We complete with excellent service, comfortable accommodation, great food, and a professional crew. All this is reinforced by our responsible tour operation, commitment with the locals and the protection of the islands, constant and meticulous maintenance, decades of presence, and perseverance, and our unique history!

The Angelito is and always was a family-owned Galapagos cruise yacht for 16 passengers. We love our “little angel” that is part of our family, and we always take care of any detail of service, experience, quality and wellbeing, cleanness, maintenance, and security.

The operation in Galapagos runs by the owners. We are local entrepreneurship, do it with local staff and providers, and love what we do!

Onboard, we offer comfortable accommodation for our guests. The eight bright, wooden-furnished double cabins are on the main deck. These can be prepared as a twin, with two single beds, or matrimonial with a double bed.
All have individual air-conditioning, big, openable picture windows, a private bath, a small safe, and enough storage space.

Our cozy, wooden furnished dining room with the social area is on the upper deck and has large windows with sea view. Here also is the well-furnished library.

Additionally, the vast sun- and shadow deck agrees on plenty of outside space.

The food aboard is preferentially prepared with local products, served as daily menus with Ecuadorian specialties, but also varied with some international favorites. In the dining room, we have a station with complimentary water, tea, and coffee for self-service.

The Angelito’s itineraries are exceptionally complete, harmonic, and varied, with the most to see and many highlights but combined with the shortest possible navigations. Our experienced and passionate guides show the natural heritage with the knowhow and enough time to enjoy and feel the Galapagos’ outstanding world!


For more information, please contact us

We love what we do!
And, we definitively love being part of any of the passenger’s lifetime trips!

Traveling in Ecuador to discover its Mainland’s treasures

If you want to complete your Galapagos journey with visits to the Ecuadorian Mainland, please visit Cometa Travel’s website -our Quito based travel agency and only representative- to get some inspiration for Tailor-Made Tours.