National Park Rules

Galapagos National Park Rules: They are law and have to be followed unconditionally! The experiences gained over years in tourism have proved that only a strongly controlled visit of the islands can guarantee a long-term protection.

The visitors understand very fast that these rules are not a chicane! Each one has its function to protect the very fragile system of the flora and fauna of Galapagos.

Your National Park Guide will help you understand and respect the following rules:

  • Each island can only be visited accompanied by a qualified guide approved by the National Park. The respective group has to stay together as a group for the whole visit.
  • The visit to each island can only last between 6 and 18 hours.
  • Walking on the islands is only permitted on the clearly marked trails. The visitors are not allowed to leave these trails.
  • Don't make a Galapagos collection. It is not allowed to collect any stones, sand, shells, corals, bones, feathers nor plants, seeds or any other natural objects.
  • It is strictly forbidden to touch, feed, disturb or chase animals. The visitor should always remain at a respectful distance from the animals.
  • Shoes and clothes should be cleaned after each visit to an island in order not to spread seeds and microorganism from island to island.
  • It is not allowed to eat and smoke on the islands!
  • Of course its not allowed to let back on the island any garbage or to throw anything over board (for example cigarette-butts).
  • Photographers: please don't use flash for close-ups of animals!
  • During snorkelling, please don't stand on rocks and corals and don't touch anything under water!
  • Avoid snorkelling close to a male sea lion who is protecting its territory.
  • Graffitis and love letters are not to be written on rocks, cactus or trees!
  • Do not buy souvenirs or objects made from plants or animals of the islands.

If we all follow these National Park Rules, we can visit this unique island-paradise with a clear conscience.

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Rules for our protection

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